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Putty used in the construction of walls and ceilings in both internal and external works. Filler correct defects in coloring, correct irregularities. After applying to the surface, filling creates a apartment surface. There are several types of fillings: gypsum filler, cement based, polymer filler, universal putty finish works of filling, h2o-resistant filling, a exceptional filler. Gypsum-based plaster shpatlevkaShpatlevki possess big ductility, white and easily during application and sanding them easy. Gypsum has the ability to absorb excess moisture from the air and release moisture when its shortage, as in rooms with walls treated gypsum coating favorable microclimate. OsnoveShpatlevki filling, cement, cement-base used for concrete and masonry surfaces for exterior and inside applications. Filler can be used in very dry areas and in areas with big moisture. Also, this type of filler used in the facade work, and the repairs of bathroom and other room where there is big moisture. Cement fillers are highly resistant to frost, resistant to moisture. Sanding treated cement filling, want two times later application. ShpatlevkaPolimernaya polymer filler used for finishing the surface, and it is used for sealing seams and joints and cracks that get appeared due to the penetration of h2o into the surface. Universal fillers are highly durable. When applied, they shape a flat surface of a white or gray in color with no visible defects. These fillings are not showered, easy to sand. Finish works of Coating beautify putty used to patch little cracks, scratches. When the final application to the surface it is used a very thin layer of no more than 1 mm. Impose decorate filling usually several layers with drying each deposited layer. Create sure that the layer thickness does not exceed the permitted limit, otherwise the surface of the crack. When drying putty decorate creates a dense, silky surface is white, which does not demand further grinding. Waterproof putty waterproof putty used to the inside and exterior finishes on surfaces treated with plaster, however right how cement and concrete surfaces. Suitable for apply in rooms with big moisture. Especial putty used to fill joints between plasterboard sheets. It has high elasticity and right bonded to the surface. Is used to the surface of the drywall however their creation for the final beautify.

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